Friday, May 29, 2015

Time to Play!!!

So great news for Mulder.. His pathology came back on his leg bone and all is clear... All they found was healed bone from a previous fracture... Such great news!... He gets his stitches out Tuesday and off of crate rest.. While he is doing great, he will be so happy to not have to spend so much time in the crate for sure and able to do what he wants too...

We are also seeing bits of spunky Mulder coming back... he attempted a small rattie run, has done a few rattie shakes... he's a little unbalanced at them, but he's figuring it out.. he's done a few full body shakes with no issues and today he played tug with us and gave us his growly noise... He's trying to jump up on the couch or his favorite garden spot and we have to be on watch while he does this last little bit of healing...Another words.. He is getting back to his old self and is wondering why we won't let him!

Mulder loves being outside during his breaks so we do plenty of things to keep him entertained... This day consisted of lovely ivy headpieces for all the pups...

 Trying to eat the head piece...

 Headpiece was a little scary for Skinner so we made him a necklace... He liked that much better and wanted to taste test it!

 Sasha was very queen-like I thought with her head piece...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm Adopted!!!

Sweet Skinner has found himself his furever home over in Western Washington.  He's even getting a fursibling; also a rat terrier by the name of Buster.  He's a lucky little boy and while I will miss his snuggles, I look forever to seeing him grow and continue to gain confidence in his new home!  Cheers to Skinner!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Fun in the Sun

Mulder enjoyed the sun this weekend and the warm pavement... I would prefer him on the grass, but he preferred the pavement of course.   Skinner isn't sure why his buddy isn't playing with him as much as was extra sweet to him and then got him to play a bit...

 Nothing like a good chest rub to make it all better :)
or bully sticks while foster mom cleans the house...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Magic Donut Bed and Making Friends

 The magic donut bed... Mulder is spending most of his recovery in this bed... He sure is loving it.. It's soft and comfy and just what he needs to get good rest.  He continues to do well and I'm happy to report he is the same goofy, happy little boy he always was.  I worried he would somehow not have the same happy go  lucky attitude after the loss of his leg, but he has quickly showed me he's the same great little dog and he's not bothered a bit.  He even engaged in playing tug with a toy with me for a little bit and loves his short breaks to sniff out in the yard.   He would do more if I let him, but he's got a little over a week of crate rest to go yet...
 Skinner is also doing great... My dad came over and while I didn't get any pictures; he first rested right by him, and took a short nap, putting his little chin right on his wrist.  He wasn't completely relaxed but he is trying so hard and doing so well.  I was proud of little Skinner :) 
  Mulder did have to go potty right when we were having a thunder, rain and hail storm.. We put a jacket on him and had to walk him to the back of the yard.. He wasn't happy about it but got his business down quickly and ran to Cassie to quick get out of the crazy weather. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Mulder and Skinner - buddy pals

A follow up at the vet shows that Mulder is doing great!  Wound is healing nicely and we are on track for stitches to come out June 2nd. 

Put him in a cute little onsie while he was out of the cone and enjoying a nice bully stick... He didn't really like it but I think he's adorable.. It's a little too big though and he can step out of it :( 

 Later, I let him rest on my bed and I was so pleased to see the crazy sleeping positions still happening.... He's still pretty medicated but the incision doesn't seem to be bothering him a bit.  Very little swelling and the redness and bruising is dissipating every day.

 I think maybe Skinner got a little jealous because he snuck in and sat on Mulder's head for his nap while I was working on the computer!  So naughty.  So I moved him and made him snuggle with Mulder and took blackmail pictures.. he didn't like that either and ended up on the other side of me for his nap.. He actually tried to get Mulder to play earlier... I think Mulder thought about it for a sec, but he's not up for play yet and I wouldn't let him yet anyhow.  I was however glad to see Skinner be the instigator in play as it's usually Mulder.
It looks so sweet doesn't it?

Thursday, May 21, 2015

And so begins Crate Rest...

Mulder couldn't seem to find a comfy spot so we brought him the donut bed (the cure to all dogs ails, I swear) and he was so happy to see it... I didn't think he would like it but he curled right up and got comfortable quick... Of course, he had the company of Cassie (what a trooper) and they napped together... I have a feeling we will both be spending some time in this crate in days to come... :)   He ate his dinner in a food puzzle and that kept him busy for a good while...
And while I was folding laundry; the basket fell over and lickety split, Skinner crawls himself in; arranged the laundry to a mound of his liking and took a nap...  Cassie's phrase "He's drunk with fresh laundry".. I think she's right. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mulder comes home!

Mulder is home!  He did great during his surgery and recovered well.  The technicians said that he had no issues walking and pottying after surgery (probably because he wasn't using that bad limb anyhow) and we got him, he was awake, busy and ready to go.  We got him home and he spent about 10 minutes out in the back yard and he had no issues getting around at all.   He's so busy, I'm glad he's getting pain meds, not just for pain, but to help him rest and heal cause he doesn't seem slowed down a bit and he needs to rest up!  Crate rest will not be so fun for him I think but we will keep him entertained.  :)

 17 stitches and e gets twice daily ice packs for 10 minutes to keep the swelling down...

Skinner so curious to why Mulder is getting all the attention in the crate
pain meds kicking in....