Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

So poor Sasha didn't get to come with me when I left on my trip to Seattle on Sunday but stayed home... However.. on Thursday, her and Cassie both got to come... She looks so ready to go in the picture below...

 The hotel wasn't so much fun for her, and being stuck in a small room with 2 other dogs and 2 people made for cramped quarters, plus she didn't like it when any neighbors made noise... But she was happy to snooze on the bed and of course happy to hit the road again on Saturday to come home...
 The two pictures above.. it's like - wow, neat city...next, bleh..the city.. I'm over it...are we there yet?

A trip over the mountains... a visit to my dad in CleElum...first time she has been there... she barked at him til he got close enough to see him and then she was like "Oh I know you!" poor cloudy eyes...
 Then back home, sniffing her yard, making sure all was how she left it.. Of course, Sylvia was happy too.. in her bed on her corner of the couch! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Enjoying Oranges and Modeling!

Sylvia too got to try out an orange, but she just wanted to hide it. (though she loves herself some clementine orange slices).

She did well in the hotel but had trouble managing the stairs... Somehow, Cassie in the one day she was there, showed her how to do it and then she was a stairmaster! (I think it helped that we had her leashed to Sheriff so she could follow him, be tugged but not be pulled up by him)... Way to go Sylvia!

 A wonderful person donated some coats to us so I had Sheriff try out his modeling skills.. FIERCE!  I tried putting it on Sylvia but Sheriff would just try to eat it and pull it off of her... So her pictures will be coming :)

No more pictures of Sheriff but I know is having a blast with his new family and putting the "pink coat" incident behind him!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Girl Scout Time!

On Thursday, I got to go meet with some Girl Scouts and talk about rat terriers, animal rescue and
fostering... We even make some dog paw cards!  I brought both Sylvia and Sheriff (with the help of Cassie) to meet the girls for part of the meeting too...

The girls were excellent with the dogs - Sheriff was excited to meet everyone of them and enjoyed all the attention!  They ran around, he got himself some belly rubs and treats... He thought it was all pretty fantastic and I think the girls had a lot of fun too.

They understood Sylvia was a little more nervous and shy (so we brought her with her safety bed) and a few girls came calmly to sit and visited her and learned  about her and how to meet a more shy dog. 

It was a great visit - good experiences for all around and both pups PASSED out as soon as we left...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'm Adopted Says Sheriff!


Sheriff found himself a wonderful family with two human siblings that are going to be lots of fun for him to play with!   He got to meet them on Monday while I was over in Seattle and then got to go home to his new famiy on Friday.  I hear they are settling towards the name Max for him.  I'm sure Sylvia will miss her snuggle buddy but probably not miss the daily pouncing and ear gnawings!  We miss him and his sweet self but know he's got a good life in store for him!  

 Look at gravity helping with those ears!

 Sheriff tried so hard to figure out how to get into this orange!  He got some tooth marks, but just couldn't get past the rind... Was fun to watch him try tough!  I think he would have gotten it eventually, but a toy ended up being more fun to play with!

  It was a busy week with me traveling so more posts of Sheriff and Sylvia's adventures to follow now that we are all back home!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

ZZZzzzzzzz and Rwaarrrr

Food, fun times outside walking and exploring, then wrestling inside equals tired pups! 
 Uh oh - Waking up!!!

 Time for round 2 (and 3 and 4 and so on....)

I love this pic of Sylvia, she is ready to pounce on an unexpecting Sheriff!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Visiting Western WA!

I'm over in Seattle this week for work and I brought both Sylvia and Sheriff with me.  A friend and her daughter Isa came over and Sheriff was in heaven!  Sylvia not so much but I also brought her snuggle bed so she had a safe spot to relax and take in everything... of course then Sheriff had to jump in the snuggle bed too...sigh

Sylvia wasn't all pleased, but but all was good and they are doing well in the hotel with regular outings...Sheriff loves meeting all the new people and you have to hold him back or he will go running to the next new person whether they want to meet him or not (though most do)!  Sylvia, more laid back, but she is loving exploring all the trees and bushes - new sights and new smells!

A fun picture from back in Yakima... Sheriff trying to look ferocious!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Where You Going?

Sheriff Watching Cassie Leave... <-- Part meerkat maybe and a little unbalanced, Sheriff was very concerned when Cassie left for work...

Both of the foster puppies LOVE piling on Cassie if she is napping.. you can barely see her but if she is napping, then it's nap time for them too... And Sylvia will even leave her comfy snuggle bed to get in some nap time with Cassie!