Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Settling In...

 Skipper is settling his cute self in the house... He made friends with the neighbor dog and already has taken to following Sasha around wherever she goes, like her little shadow.   

He's a little worried and stiff when you pick him up but we will give him time.   He likes to perch on the back of the couch like a cat (and nap, also like a cat).  Great picture that Cassie took.
He liked checking out the garden and loves exploring the back yard... We've started him on a house training scheduling and he's a little whining in the crate at night but settles quickly enough.

It's nice to have another dog in the house though my dog is like "really, we are still doing this? " It was a little rough transition the first day and Skipper was barking and Sasha wasn't sure she liked him at all, but day two seems to have brought calmness to the two of them and they are able to share the same space  and with him taking to following her, I think they have figured it out. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Yipee Skippee!

I know I said he came last week, but he actually didn't get to my house until yesterday. There was a transportation flubub and I was out of town... but it doesn't matter, cause he's here and he's ADORABLE!

Picked him up from the Rattiefest and foster mom Julee had kept him overnight... He sure loved loved playing with all the ratties that were there! (Pictures to come)  I loved it too cause he was an exausted little puppy when he got to Yakima!

He's about 7lbs, full tail and about 6 months old... He wasn't sure what to make of the new surroundings, but was quite as a peep in his crate last night and full of tail wags this morning!  

 He's a snuggler and just was happy and content to rest up after his busy day... I look forward to getting to know more about him!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Skipper Arrives!

Who's this little guy?   He is our newest foster arriving today!  He's 6 months, about 7 lbs and I think needs that little pink and black nose kissed!  He already had an S name, so we kept that too!

After a quiet month, we are (maybe not Sasha) looking forward to this little guy and some play time!  More pictures coming!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Sweet Sandy who was adopted this February is doing great - here she got to sit on her daddy's lap while he was at work!  She was just a sweetheart at work and everyone loved her (who wouldn't huh). 

Sheriff (now Max), the puppy just adopted in May, wasn't feeling well and his family took him to the vet and it turns out he needed surgery!  He's doing great now and he quit pouting once he got out of the cone!  He's parent say they had lots of trouble keeping him mellow and calm following his surgery he so quickly recovered...  I'm so glad his new family was there to take care of him and see so quickly that he wasn't feeling well and get him the help he needed.. He sure is a lucky boy!

Sylvia, now Rue, is continuing to do well in her new home with Renae... Rue will go to the cabinet where her food is kept and spin in front of it to let her mom know it's dinner time!  She's loving all the hiking and she, after 3 weeks, let her mom see her rattie runs!  Way to go! 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I'm Adopted!

Sweet little Sylvia has found herself the perfect home after 3 months of foster care in New Rattitude... She's off tomorrow to start her life with her wonderful mom and two cat siblings!  She has a huge yard to play in and a fenced garden (to not play in)... Her wonderful mom is ready to transition Sylvia into her home and make it as easy on her as possible.  We know the transition will be scary for her but I know, in no time, she will loosen up and realize she is home and it's a good thing!

It was a privilege to have Sylvia in my home and watch her slowly relax and become less fearful over the months... I am going to miss this Silly Billy and her antics but I look forward to hearing all about her new adventures!  Best Wishes Sylvia - hang tight! 

I am also on break until after RattieFest, July 27th!  See you all there!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Silly Billy

Cassie's nickname for Sylvia is "silly billy" - why, I don't know, but I even call her that from time to time... She is a little silly... The pictures below show what 3 months in a safe environment with trusting people will do...  It is amazing to see how far she has come and the unique relationship she has with Cassie...  All the dogs love to play with Cassie, I think they figure out fast she is just fun, plus she will get down on their level too which I think goes miles in helping...

can she be anymore relaxed!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dollar Bills Ya'All!

Look at Ms Innocent here... She sure is cute!  She has finally decided my neighbor is good people and now will sit in her lap and get pets!  It took awhile but she got there!  The picture below on the right is when she stayed overnight at Kimberlee's house!  It's a busy house, with a dog, cats and kids and she did well staying on the couch and then venturing out on the floor during the calm periods!  She sure has come a long way! 

Sylvia tried her best to eat some money!  She's got a bit of a paper fetish but this she grabbed out of my purse when it was sticking out a bit... Luckily I found the other piece and no harm done but she reminded me to keep my money tucked away!  She's just got expensive paper taste!