Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mastering the Doggie Door!

Sybil is busy settling in.. She's a huge fan of Cassie and as you can see, thinks she makes a comfy spot to rest on!  After a few weeks of no foster dog in the house, we are now treated to daily squeaks as she loves to play with  (and destroy) her doggie toys and their squeakers!  

She used the doggie to go out by herself yesterday and today has been busy going in and out!  She gets very excited for her kibble treats that she gets when she comes in!  She is well on her way to being house trained now that the doggie door has been mastered!

 She's got some dark fur underneath that makes her fur look a little grey, but she's super soft and has a great spotted belly that she loves to have rubbed! 

She doesn't always like to be held to tight, but yesterday with the weather being so cold, she ask to be held and got to snuggle in my coat... She's really super sweet!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Backyard Exploring

Lots of good stuff to explore in the backyard for Sybil...  She doesn't know the doggie dog, but she's quickly figure out how to get back in from the backyard!   The weather is cold and you'll be seeing Sybil wear some sweaters in the future... It's chilly! 

She loves this spot by a pulled up stump... First place she goes to check...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Welcome Sybil!

New foster dog arrived on Saturday and we call her Sybil!  She's sweet, though a  little timid...that worked for bath time cause she handled it like a champ!  Afterwards, she rubbed herself all over the carpet and then helped herself to some squeeky toys... She is quite the fan of toys and seemed to enjoy herself! 

She's got an extra pound on her so we will be working on getting that off of her and house training

 She's got a funny sit and she loves to be by you, but not such a fan of being held... She has a healed fracture in her back leg and while it's healed and fine, it's left her leg a bit shorter and sometimes she uses it and sometimes she doesn't...   She's a sweet thing and I look forward to getting to know her!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Foster Updates

 He is busy getting to know his new people and fur-siblings.. and so far, everything has been great and he has settled in fine... He sure has a BIG brother in Baxter!

Next picture, I want to see Spencer snuggling in between these two!!!

 Skipper too has settled in with his Yakima family - so much so he has both ears completely up and look at them... huge!!!  Him and fur-sister look like they were enjoying Halloween!

He is now Max and after a scary medical issue, it's good to see him recovered and doing well.  He even got to go on an airplane and show off his cute self at the airport.... So glad to see him looking good and growing up with his family!

Sidney   Adopted in January of last year and now Aela, her family also adopted Neon, now Rowan... When their parents got married, they got to be flower girls!  Wow, they are no longer puppies!  Lucky girls and what a great day they got to be part of!  Congrats to all of you!

Saul  Adopted in 2011, here he is, happy that the UPS left a package... happier still that the UPS man is gone!  

Love my foster updates!  Sorry I missed a few but I do love getting them and seeing once down on their luck dogs, getting the lives they deserve! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I'm Adopted!!!

Sweet little Spencer has gotten himself a family!  He's soon heading off to Kennewick and is going to have dog and kitty siblings!  I'm sure the transition will be a little scary for him, but his new parents got lots of love in store for him and fun times ahead ... and obedience school too! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Laundry Day

Did a bunch of laundry and who learned the joys of warm towels out of the laundry for a snuggle?  Spencer was in heaven! 

 I get the feeling Skittles already new the joys of a snuggle in fresh warm laundry!

Skittles is on his way home... the two never did play together in the short week they were together... I think Spencer is a little too bouncy and in eager for Skittles, but they did share space fine and enjoyed some running around together in the yard... See ya later Skitttles!  Thanks for the wonderful snuggles of your little self!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Please Play with me!

Spencer would love to play and can be kind of punky about it... Skittles isn't so sure of Spencer but he's coming around and can be in the same space... We just have to be sure to help Spencer back off when Spencer has had enough... They are cute together though and they do like to run outside together!