Saturday, January 24, 2015

Vet Trip for Selma

Selma got a small cut on the top of her foot on Friday that required a trip to the vet.. It was definitely more traumatic for us than her... She was excited to see everyone and loved meeting all the new people!

 The exam table did make her a little nervous and she needed some reassurance, but when the vet came, she was wags again and tried to make out with the vet... She got a small dab of glue for her owie to keep it closed and we were off again...
 She does great in the car and enjoys the doggie car seat where she can see everything and look around at whats going on...

She also loves loves loves the fuzzy donut dog bed from Costco.. She made noises of joy I've never heard from her once she got to snuggling in it... see video.  She is not a fan of the crate and can actually climb right out of the 6 foot tall xpen so we are given her small doses of crating with lots of fun  - the dog bed certainly fits in that category!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We got a bit of sunshine on Monday and the girls just loved being outside and soaking up some rays.  It gave both of them the zoomies and it was nice to see them enjoying the backyard and not just peeing as fast as possible and running back inside. 

Selma is pretty much using the doggie door on her own which is great.  Sadie's a little more hesitant and needs some convincing. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Seahawk Sunday

Selma wearing a cute little Seahawks shirt that Angela - Skittles mom, gave me... She looks adorable in it.. She's been busy this week and learning the doggie door.  She isn't bothered by the cold and snowy weather though she is happy today that it is sunny and bright. 

Cute Sadie, too small for the Seahawks shirt, she just walks out of it... She loves getting her belly rubbed as much as possible... She doesn't know the doggie door yet and is totally offended by the wet ground... she takes some convincing (okay, some holding her and taking her outside) to go outside at all, preferring to stay as warm and cozy as possible!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cuddle Buddies

Look at these cute little foster sisters learning to share space and cuddle.  I am pretty sure Selma would be up for cuddling with Sadie 24/7 but Sadie not so much though she seems to letting Selma cuddle more with her - plus they are playing together and lots of games of tug as time goes by...She's relaxing I think...

It started to snow tonight and both these California girls are not impressed and what nothing to do with it... it took a few minutes; but they both pottied outside as close to the house as possible where the roof overhangs and there was snow on the ground... Sadie took more convincing than Sadie, but they got their business done and run as fast as they could back in the house for treats and warmth!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Goofy Faces

 Selma's mouth got a little dry after a playing with her toys... 

Sadie has no such excuses...she's just little fangs sometimes!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Maybe twice a day, the girls get their play on which makes Sadie so happy... While sometimes Selma can get into Sadie space, every so often she just can't resist and plays with Selma and even gets into some bitey face..  They also will tug on toys together but Selma gets crazy and ends up taking the toy... However...she does use toys to entice Sadie to play so I guess it all works itself out!

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Girls....

Selma has got the prettiest eyes I think!  That along with her fluffy tail and she's just adorable.  She's doing well.  She wants to play with Sadie all the time, but Sadie's not up to it as much as Selma would like. She can play by herself but really likes to play tug with you and chase toys.. She's got a little energy to burn, but not crazy hyper....

Sadie (below), the mellower of the too..though she likes to play too but she's the best cuddler and is a total burrower.  She also loves sleeping on her back which makes for great pictures... She's also learning that going potty outside isn't the worst thing and wet grass won't ruin her life...